EMP Retail Consulting is based in sunny Miami. Our main goal is advising retailers and brands on the management and optimization of their business strategies. By providing comprehensive consulting services, we help our clients capitalize on market opportunities and deliver tangible results.

Mrs. Matilda Kalaveshi is the founder of EMP Retail Consulting. Matilda's introduction to the industry started at an early age with an international modeling career. She transitioned into the buying world when she joined Macys Corporate Inc in Miami Fl. In the last 15 years, Mrs. Kalaveshi has worked for numerous retailers in the southeast region where she has gained unparalleled experience as a seasoned merchant. An MBA graduate, with a strong educational background, Mrs. Kalaveshi and the EMP team provide professional services to established retailers as well as consultation services to parties interested in venturing into the retail world. The main goal of EMP Retail Consulting is to help retailers flourish in today’s every changing environment.