Does appearance rule the world?

Store appearance like one’s physical appearance is important. Consumers form an opinion on a business based on its visual attributes, which in turn influences their shopping decision. What are the major tools needed to ensure the right appearance for your business?

The list is long! Some of the main ones include visual merchandising (more product specific), branding, lighting, colors, textures, fixtures, scents, etc.

How can we help? EMP Retail Consulting offers in person store visits as well as online appointments via Skype. Below is a detailed list of our services.

• Basic Floor Planning/ Review

• Detailed Visual Store Walkthrough and Review

• Sales Review by Section/Sq Ft

• Fixture Review

• Signage Review

• Advertising and Promotional Planner Review/Creation

• Associate Training

• Review of Employee Manuals and Company Policies




Point of sale refers to the check out area of the store. This tends to be the end of a customers journey in the shop. This area should be capitalized on by offering last minute impulse items. Think Sephora check out line.

Focal point

The hot spot that draws your customer in. Usually placed in an area with high visibility, focal points tell a story, evoke emotions, are on trend and entice customers to shop.


Detailed floor plan that notes how each area of the store should be merchandised (usually part of a visual merchandising directive). Planograms are important in delivering your brand or store message the right way while creating a pleasing shopping environment.


A technique of placing product within a shop or section to work around a product story or collection. It is no coincidence that you found the perfect earrings right next to the top you tried on. Cross merchandising entices the customer to buy more by offering interconnected products.