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Let's Get Started!

STEP 1- Free Consultation

We offer an initial 30 minute free consultation where we gather the necessary information to understand your business needs and craft a proposal.


STEP 2- Deep Dive Meeting

Once contracting EMP Retail Consulting, we will dive in and study your business focusing on financials, product, marketing, operations and merchandising. The goal after this step is to fully understand the underlying issues affecting your business and also listen to the owners challenges and experience.


Step 3- Action Plan

EMP Retail Consultants will create a detailed step by step action plan on improving and strengthening your business. The strategy presented will include short and long term goals. The focus will be on capitalizing on your strengths, improving your weaknesses, following through with opportunities and avoiding market threats.


STEP 4- Execution

EMP Retail Consulting will work on Implementing the strategies provided to ensure proper execution.

**Kindly note that the timeframe of the whole process varies by retailer and their individual needs.


Given that the needs of every business vary, we would provide you with a quote after the initial free consultation.


Smaller projects can be paid on an hourly rate.

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