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Meet The Team

EMP Retail Consulting is based in sunny Miami. Our main goal is advising retailers and brands on the management and optimization of their business strategies. By providing comprehensive consulting services, we help our clients capitalize on market opportunities and deliver tangible results.












Mrs. Matilda Kalaveshi is the founder of EMP Retail Consulting. Matilda's introduction to the industry started at an early age with an international modeling career. She transitioned into the buying world when she joined Macys Corporate Inc in Miami Fl.


In the last 19 years, Mrs. Kalaveshi has worked for numerous retailers in the southeast region where she has gained unparalleled experience as a seasoned merchant. An MBA graduate, with a strong educational background, Mrs. Kalaveshi and the EMP team provide professional services to established retailers as well as consultation services to parties interested in venturing into the retail world. The main goal of EMP Retail Consulting is to help retailers flourish in today’s every changing environment.













Mrs. Bueno-Pardo entered the lively world of fashion 15 + years. Fashion being her definitive passion, she sought to emphasize on her niche within the industry.


While working alongside various manufacturing companies, Johanna utilized the opportunity to extend her knowledge in sales, design, manufacturing, and distribution. As she wore a variety of hats throughout her career, Johanna discovered a newfound desire in connecting businesses with the right product lines. 


Mrs. Bueno-Pardo’s record mirrors a consistent increase of her social network following and effective increment on the bottom line of her existing customers.


A dynamic problem solver with recognized negotiation and sales strategy implementation skills. Mrs. Bueno-Pardo is a highly motivated, confident, well-rounded, ethical manufacturer’s representative.  


She is enthusiastic about the industry and its endless possibilities. 














Mr. Tal is a retail professional with over a decade of experience in the health and beauty industry. His areas of expertise include product development, marketing, sourcing, sales and distribution in the domestic and international arena. Having launched hundreds of successful products in the marketplace, Adam has the uncanny ability to instantly identify hero products.  


His accomplishments come from his strong business sense, knowledge and experience.

Mr. Tal has gained respect and recognition in the field from retailers, product engineers, designers and buyers alike. 

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