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Wholesale Account Representation


Once you have gone through the product creation process and are ready for distribution to the masses, our qualified manufacturer’s account representative can work with you on an individualized strategy. The team will assist in choosing the right retailers and distributors that are in line with your brand, price point and overall target market. 

Services offered:

  • Identify and seek new revenue growth opportunities.

  • Prospect and qualify new sales leads.

  • Generate well-developed, results-oriented, pipelines for new income development.


  • Ensure all sales tools such as sales force automation and lead generation processes are executed effectively.

  • Monitor industry trends and benchmark while providing feedback to account holders to ensure best practices on all products offered.

  • Analyze current and potential customer needs and recommend appropriate solutions.

  • Drive sales through creative coaching and calling techniques.

  • Explore new business opportunities while expanding existing relationships.

  • Increase revenue, drive efficiency, anticipate market shifts and help clients act accordingly.

  • Develop strong, ongoing relationships with prospective customers while fostering a culture of customer centrism.

  • Provide detailed strategies on how to increase revenue, profitability, and efficiency with the correct blend of knowledge, tactics and aggressive leadership.

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